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Why Study the Bible?  Why should we want to study the Bible?  Is the Bible up to date in this age?  Exactly what IS the Bible, and how should we study it to really UNDERSTAND IT?  This lesson gives you the ANSWERS from your Bible?
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World Peace... Coming In Our Time!


The search for world peace continues while arsenals of weapons grow larger.  Experts predict the earth will soon become an incinerated relic - UNLESS world conditions are dramatically REVERSED.  What does the future hold for mankind?



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The Dramatic Return of Jesus Christ!


When and where will Christ Return?  Will he come quietly, or will the whole world know?  Has he already returned secretly?  Here is the amazing truth about the SECOND COMING of JESUS CHRIST.



The Coming Utopia... Wonderful World Tomorrow!


For ages men have dreamed of a utopian paradise on earth.  But utopia has eluded man's efforts to bring it about.  Why?  Is utopia really possible?  Will we ever have world peace and prosperity?  Here are the surprising answers from your Bible!





Is man an immortal soul in a material body?  Is death the separation of body and soul?  What REALLY happens to a person at death?  These questions have puzzled mankind for thousands of years.  Study the surprising ANSWERS in this revealing lesson!





Even if you are a Christian, you may go to hell.  Some of your loved ones are already in hell.  But don't be alarmed.  "Hell" is not what most people have imagined!  The Bible reveals the reassuring TRUTH about this most-misunderstood subject.


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Will You Go To Heaven?


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What It Means To Be "Born Again"


Most professing Christians sincerely believe they have been "born again," but do not understand the REAL MEANING of the second birth.  The TRUTH about being born again is startling--the most AWESOME revelation of your Bible!




What Is Real Repentance?


What does it mean to repent?  Is it "accepting Christ"?  Is real repentance merely an emotional feeling?  And is repentance really necessary for salvation?  The answers to these crucial questions are found in your Bible.



Should You Be Baptized?


The Apostle Peter commanded the crowd gathered in Jerusalem:  "Repent, and be baptized every one of you..."  But is this command relevant in the 21st century?  Just what IS baptism, and does God require it for salvation?



Why You Need The Holy Spirit?


What is the Holy Spirit?  What does it do?  Why do we need it, and how does one receive it?  The answers to these crucial questions are found in the Bible.  This lesson will help you understand the TRUTH about God's Spirit!


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Christianity IS A Way Of LIFE


Christianity is indeed a WAY of life.  There is no more well-established fact in all the Bible.  But WHAT, specifically, is that way, and HOW may we successfully live it?






There is much confusion about the IDENTITY, the NATURE and PURPOSE of God.  Even traditional Christianity does not really understand.  The astonishing truth about God is found in the Bible, as this lesson reveals!


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What Makes Man Unique?


Man is GOD's unique physical creation. But HOW is man different?  WHAT makes him utterly unlike any other living creature?  More important, WHY is he unique?



Ancient Israel - Why God's Chosen People"?


Why does the Bible talk about Israel so much?  What is the connection between God's "chosen people" and Spirit-begotten Christians Today?  Exactly how does ancient Israel fit into God's plan of salvation?

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