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Feast Sites 2018

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We will host a feast site in Albuquerque

in 2018 for the Feast of Tabernacles


Christian Biblical COG
In-depth tapes, research

and study materials.



Rome's Challenge

Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday?

Click Here to go to Live Streaming

Church of God Outreach Ministries www.cgom.org

The Two Babylon's  

 (by Alexander Hyslop)




Holy Day Calendar 




Tulsa Church of God website www.tulsachurchofgod.net


Holy Day Calendar Generator

(for any year)

Remember that the Feasts of God are as important as the weekly Sabbath.  Moreover,
through keeping them, year by year, we are able to learn more and understand God's plan as revealed in the Bible.
We pray that this year's Feast will be the best ever for you and your family.

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Meeting Location:

4923 Prospect NE, Albuquerque

(San Mateo @ I-40)

Mailing Address:   
P.O. Box 35365, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87176
Telephone: 505-889-2939             
E-mail:  mail@cognm.org


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