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Church of God, New Mexico


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Wednesday Evenings  6:30  PM

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Prayer Requests


From: Abby McComb
Subject: Prayer Request
Update: Sabbath Aug 27

Abby McComb and family, would like to thank all of us for our prayers on behalf of Callista, she is now home, doing well, and beginning to get back to doing regular things again, walking on her own again, getting her strength back. We give thanks and praise to our God always for his mercy love and compassion toward his children, as he hears our requests. Praises to our Father always, Amen!


From Marie Penick

UPDATE: August 20

Her son Michael has been given the ok and can now return back to work, rotator cuff has healed and no more pain, she thanks everyone for their prayers on his behalf.   Daughter-in-law Melva, doing better, but will need more surgery later, but latest xray shows healing is taking place on her hand, wrist and lower arm,swelling is almost gone and has been able to move her fingers a little. Asking for continued prayers for her.

Marie Penick
City: Lubbock

Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2022 7:29:43 PM

Marie Penick - son and daughter-in-law with severe injuries

This update from Marie, Mikes physical therapy is helping his rotator cuff tear, but he will need another 6-8 weeks before being released to go back to work, providing it is completely healed. My daughter-in-law, Melva, had surgery on her wrist today. The doctor said her right wrist was completely shattered. He said the surgery went well, requiring plates and screws. Recovery will take 9-12 months. Thankfully, her knee doesn't look to be as bad a fracture, but she will have to go to another orthopedic doctor for that one. The elbow was not involved as I thought. Im thanking God for His mercy shown to them, and for all the prayers of the brethren. I'm asking for continued prayers for their healing. Again, thanks to the brethren for all their prayer

Subject: Prayer Request
Date: 06//2022
From Irene Shavers

Name: John Monahan
Mailing Address:
City: Tonganoxie
State: Kansas

Message: I would like to ask for your continued prayers for John Monahan.  He was diagnosed with two brain tumors, had surgery to remove one, the other is being treated with chemo and radiation.  Our prayers are much needed.


 Update: August 27

Dorothy  Jones:

 Thanks all of us for our prayers and requests to God for her health to improve, she is doing much better with her energy and over all well being able to walk a little more , and strength that she hasn't had for a long time, thanking everyone that's praying for her.


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