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Mustard Seed January/February 2013

A New Commandment

Letter From the Editor

Will The Middle East War Succeed?

The Twinkling of An Eye



Will The Middle East War Succeed?


When Abram and Sarai were put on this earth, he was promised that from his seed would come many nations so numerous as the stars in the sky.   Also that kings would come from his seed. (Gen. 15-5)  But as with us humans, we get impatient and think that God has forgotten what He (God) had promised Abram.


          Since Abram was getting up in years, and also Sarai was getting past her child bearing age, she said to Abram go into my hand maiden Hagar, and have a child through her, so the blessing will still hold, and we will have our child that God promised.(Gen.16) Hagar conceived and she named the child Ishmael.


When God was ready Sarai conceived and gave birth to their son and named him Isaac, and God said to Abram, from now on your name will no longer be Abram but Abraham because you will be the father of many nations and Sarai will be called Sarah. (Gen. 17)


          When Ishmael was growing, Sarah became jealous, and told Abraham to send Hager and Ishmael away. Abraham did not want to but, he was told by God to send them away.  Before they left, God gave Ishmael a blessing also. (Gen. 21)


          Since both brothers received blessings (because of Abraham) when you look at these nations, and see where they are located (Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan) and where American troops are fighting, you see brother against brother.  Any time brothers fight or go against each other we go opposite of what God has said---as God has said to “love one another”. (Rom.12:10)


There will not be peace in the Middle East until Christ returns to rule and establishes his kingdom.  


          When Christ returns with his Angels, everything will make sense and there will be no more guessing about the future, because everything will be mapped and planned for us.      


Harry Gonzales




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