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Mustard Seed May/June 2013

Letter From the Editor

Pentecost - A Promise Kept

The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints


Essential Elements


Hello Brethren,


We are told in Leviticus chapter twenty-three, verse fifteen, to count the weeks to Pentecost. We have counted these seven weeks year after year. I would like for us to count not only to Pentecost, but to count the number of times that we have observed Pentecost.


Through the feast days we are brought to an awareness of numbers (ie, fourteenth, fifteenth, tenth, etc). If we use the amount of feast days that we have observed, that number will help us to use Psalms ninety, and verse twelve more effectively: " so teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."


We should be counting the festivals observed from the first one to the last one observed. We can take a mental and prayerful look at where we have applied our hearts to wisdom. After we have looked back to the beginning, we should look ahead also to the future, planning to keep using those days to apply more wisdom, in our usage of the time given us.


By reading Psalm ninety, we can be helped into seeing how to use these valuable Feast days in regulating our daily lives.


In Christ's service,

John shavers



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