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Mustard Seed September/October 2013

Letter From the Editor

Jilted Lovers (Allies)

The Patience and Anger of God

Spiritual Growth

Just A Doorkeeper?


Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers Part 2


Hello everyone,


How was your year?  Can you look back and think of a year like this one?  I don’t mean the year of 2013 when I asked how was your year, I am talking about God’s sacred year, that you started in Abib, the month of the Passover and seven days of Unleavened bread. When we look at God’s year versus man’s year, we should be able to say “I’ve had a good and inspiring year.”  God’s year has been inspiring and filled with hope.  Spend some time alone with your heavenly Father and talk to him about His year.


We can start with the first month, talking about Passover and Unleavened Bread, and going on to the seventh  month and end with the  eighth day.  Talk to your Father about your understanding of his days through the year, the history, the purpose and the end results of these days.  You may ask why should I go through the year talking to God about His days?  The reason is to see what you know about them.  We have been told the history and purpose for man’s days throughout the year and at times we can recite almost verbatim the things written in our history books about: “Thanksgiving”, "Pearl Harbor day”,  "Independence day”, "Memorial day”, etc. We can tell neighbors and family  about our activities on these profane days, we ought to be able to talk to our Father, neighbors, and family about the Holy Days of God.   We should always keep first and foremost in our minds, “God’s year is always a good year.”



In Christ’s service,

John Shavers



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